Our services

Our structure is ready to realize your ideas starting from your needs. Our team consists of qualified people able to follow and guide you through our wide range of products. A technical sales representative from the Headquarter in Italy will always be at your side from the first steps, consulting with your designer; by studying the best solutions thanks to our technical department we will give you technical support and free estimates for all your projects. Our qualified technicians will provide consultancy service right at the job-site with measurements, technical drawings and technical settings for the various workers. Deliveries will be managed directly from the headquarter, monitoring your order from the entry into production to the final assembly at the customer's home and finally ensure a personalized service of after-sales active and programmed.

Inspections and technical measurements

A qualified technician will manage directly at the job sites with the support of all the technical drawings needed for the designed solution with your designer. It will be up to our technicians if requested to come and take measurements necessary to put the order in production. The technical service includes drawings and all the technical details for the builders.

Immediate estimate and order tracking

The headquarter from Italy will guide you to estimate with quotations all our opportunities through the complete variety of products. Our quotations are always clear and complete. In order to satisfy all your specific demand, all the economic proposals will be drafted and analyzed together. The quality systems allow us with extreme seriousness to guarantee delivery dates accurately and to keep your order monitored, up to the ready merchandise and afterword the exact date of delivery.

Installation and programmed maintenance with personal format

We know that an exclusive product needs to be installed in the right way, for this reason to ensure the best result we provide our technician’s service from Italy for the installation right on site. One technical responsible will verify that the various phases of installation work have been carried out as scheduled. The customer will also be given an active and customizable after-sales service program, useful to ensure that all our products can always remain efficient and work properly in the years to come.

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