The evolution of the engineering for windows and doors

Steel and metal windows and doors

These steel windows represent the evolution of the engineering. The development of the design and energy performance, efficiency and functionality, enhancing the strength, robustness and beauty of the materials conceived and designed by Secco Sistemi to replace  windows and doors used from the nineteenth century up to the middle of the last century. It is the ideal choice for those who want a window with minimal sections to the maximum and respect the traditional design with an exclusive and important material such as steel or brass. 4 are the precious metals used: galvanised steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass, with different variants of finishes painted, waxed oxidised, burnished, satin, polished, bronzed. The endless variations of OS2 system profile correspond to the needs of an architectural project which designs the window in every single detail. From the antique design with stylized profiles of the glass glazing to the squared multi-shaped ones. With the innovative technology of the thermal break made of polyamide and polyurethane, EBE realizes strong and high performing structural profiles with reduced sections. The sealing of the casings is guaranteed by a double sealing system for the doors and by an open joint gasket system that with three sealing levels for windows. Moreover, thanks to the wide choice of opening typologies and to the complete range of accessories, the EBE profiles offer many possible variants to the casing design. Endless combinations for the curtain walls: windows and doors with the tilt and turn can have dimensions up to 130 x 290 cm with glazing panels up to 50 mm with low transmittance values, concealed hinges and break-in resistant closure mechanisms. Pivoting and hinged fixtures increase interior space with doors up to 100 x 290 cm, with reduced dimensions and thin congruent section profiles. The sliding hinges bottom and top rails are concealed when doors are shut. Arches, curved and curtain walls, divided lites in baroque style. Large lift and slides of huge size and a lot of customization for all kind of accessories, including special pieces of automation and motorized mechanisms according to specific request. The performance of all these thermal break systems has been tested by the best European certifying laboratories in compliance with the current specific standard EN 14351-1 regulations.


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