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Aluminum Clad Pvc

The line of PVC windows with aluminum cladding is the result of innovation and research to improve the technical level of PVC frame, increasing the resistance to atmospheric agents and expanding the chromatic options with all the possibilities of aluminium; This external frame also increases the overall safety level of the window. They are windows that adapt to any design context: for new houses, modern or traditional, it is the ideal solution for those who want to replace the old windows and renovate the house without masonry works. The bonding of the double glazing to the door gives stability and indeformability to the frame, avoiding the failure of the profiles and bringing more benefits in terms of safety and thermo-acoustic insulation. The weldings at the corners are precise and imperceptible thanks to an advanced technology that eliminates the weld bead and gives the finishing of the window an even more realistic appearance, especially in the wood-effect pelliculate finishes. The external aluminium profiles are coupled to 90 ° to faithfully reproduce what aesthetically expresses a wooden window. Wide is the range of colors, smooth or veed wood effects and with the possibility of exclusive Ral on request and bi-coloured that allow you to customize the window.

Aluminum Clad Pvc variants

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