Many solutions to shade your spaces.

Extendable Arm Curtains

Extendable arms curtains with endless solutions to shade your spaces. Protect yourself from the sun with tempotest technical fabrics, parà style, Suncolor Arquati, shade Lab, PVC coated 480 g, soltis filter, mass-dyed acrylic. Wind-and rain-resistant structures available in various colours: white, ivory, metal, graphite, Corten, silver, black or according to RAL colour folder codes.
We satisfy all needs even the oversized and large size. Various finishes for steel terminals, with coated rod and steel tie-rods, zip cover for tear-proof. Electrical control systems, motorized that communicates with home automation systems. For the safety we adopt automatisms for the sun, the wind, the rain that in case of adverse conditions is able, thanks to the anemometer by radio, to protect the tent from the weather in autonomy.

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